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2 New Tires 480 80 46 Starmaxx Radial Tractor Rear 18.4 Tr110 TL R1 DOB Free Commercial Address Shipping


2 New Tires 480 80 46 Starmaxx Radial Tractor Rear 18.4 Tr110 TL R1 DOB Free Commercial Address Shipping

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Product Description

Item Description

NEW Starmaxx Radial Tractor Rear Tires in size 480/80R46

Starmaxx tractor tires with tread design TR-110 features: 

·       LONG SERVICE LIFE / DURABILITY Strong carcass and impact ply, Special tread compound provides high resistance against wear and cuts, Tread profile provides high resistance against tread base fatigue and the tire maintains its traction performance even at its half-life   

·       HIGH TRACTION / SELF CLEANING Special tread geometry provides self cleaning, Strong and flexible sidewall, Perfect grip/high traction with wide footprint  

 ·       LOW SOIL COMPACTION / REDUCED SLIP Special tread structure provides high traction and less sinking at soft surfaces, Wide footprint provides lower soil compaction, Ensures a balanced steering by reduced slip at all surfaces  

Shipping & Returns  


Free Shipping on all Starmaxx Tractor Tire orders with total weight over 500 lbs to Commercial Addresses only within the 48 Continental United States. 

A Commercial Address can be a tire dealer, John Deere dealer, hardware store, implement dealer, lumberyard, farmers co-op, fertilizer dealer or seed dealer. We can ship them to any address you request but you the buyer will be responsible for unloading your tires at delivery so a forklift, bobcat or tractor will be required. A farm or residential address is NOT considered commercial address and freight charges will apply if you choose to deliver to non commercial address.  Call us at 1-888-513-8473 so we can get you a shipping rate if you are not shipping to a commercial address. Payment must be made by PayPal within 3 days of end of auction or item will be relisted. We sell these tires "as is, with no written or expressed warranty". We are not a dealer for any manufacturer, so any warranties that you receive will need to come from the tire manufacturer Starmaxx. We offer a 14 day return policy on any un-mounted tire that we sell. Your only obligation is that you (the buyer) pay the return shipping.

Starmaxx Field Hazard Warranty  
Bias/Radial Agricultural Tires Field Hazard Policy:  
 Coverage:  The Starmaxx Field Hazard Policy covers new Starmaxx brand bias and radial agricultural tires purchased new or manufactured after January 1, 2011, and used in the normal performance of agricultural service.  This policy does not cover tires that are missing the original serial number, tires that have been altered, or tires sold as non-adjustable.  This policy is available exclusively on Starmaxx tires purchased through Your Next Tire. 
 Conditions:  The original purchaser of the tires is the only individual covered by this policy.  The original purchaser is the only individual who can make an adjustment claim under this policy.  If, during normal agricultural service, a Starmaxx tire covered by this policy becomes unusable or unable to be repaired due to field hazard, that Starmaxx tire will be replaced with an equivalent new Starmaxx tire on the pro rata basis defined in this document.  Mounting, service charges, and applicable taxes are not covered by this policy.   This policy is a statement of adjustment policy only.  This policy is not a warranty against field hazards or a representation that failures cannot occur.   
 Pro Rata Replacement price will be prorated as follows:   1st Year of Service with less than 25% wear equals 25% pro rata collection. 2nd Year of Service with less than 50% wear equals 50% pro rata collection. 3rd Year of Service with less than 75% wear equals 75% pro rata collection. At the end of the third year, coverage expires.   This policy does not cover broken beads, damage due to running a tire while flat, land leveling, fire, vandalism, or collisions.  Only the original purchaser of the covered tires may make an adjustment claim.    
 Purchaser:  The purchaser’s obligations are to operate the tires properly, within tire load and speed limits, at the pressure specified by Starmaxx, and to maintain proper alignment of wheels.   In case of an adjustment claim, purchaser must fill out a required adjustment form, provide the date of purchase, and submit photos of the whole tire, the damaged section, the brand name, and the serial number.  Purchaser must pay the appropriate mounting and service charges as they apply.   This obligation may not be altered by any persons.


How We Buy

We buy tires by the semi load to save You money. We have over 30 years experience and several warehouses full of tires. If you don't see the quantity, size or brand you are needing email us or Call us at 1-888-513-8473 and we can create a listing for you. Check out our other auctions for more Tire Deals!

Load Ratings

Please keep in mind when purchasing tires, that if a tire has a P in front of the size, such as a P235/75R15 that it is a Passenger/Sport Utility rated tire and will carry a 4ply rating. If the tire has an LT in front of the size, such as an LT235/85R16 the tire is designed for use on Light Trucks, and will carry either a 6,8 or 10 Ply Rating. P.R. or Ply Ratings on tires are now used in comparison for what used to be termed as plies. If a tire carries an ST in front of the size, such as an ST235/80R16 these tires may only be used on a trailer, and not on a vehicle. Call us at 1-888-513-8473 if you have any questions on plies and ply ratings.



With our volume it is impossible for us to take actual pictures of each tire being listed. Our pictures are to be used as a reference to the tread design and not the actual photo of the tire. Any rims pictured are Not included and only pictured to feature the tire. 

Please Call with Questions 1-888-513-8473