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New Tire 12 16.5 K9 Blem Bent Bead Skid Steer R4 10 Ply Tube Type Blemish 12x16.5


New Tire 12 16.5 K9 Blem Bent Bead Skid Steer R4 10 Ply Tube Type Blemish 12x16.5

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Product Description

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Item Description

 NEW K9 Tube Type Blemish Skid Steer Tire. The blemish is the tires have bent beads.

K9 skid steer tires are built to be put to the test on the toughest job sites. The K9 tire boasts a heavy ply construction, deep R4 tread, increased traction, increased puncture resistance and extreme sidewall abrasion resistance. The unique rubber compound ensures optimal performance and service life in the most demanding conditions.


What is a closeout, overstock, discontinued or blem tire?

There are many reasons that a manufacturer will sell tires at a discount. With over 500 brands of tires, and over 5,000 sizes, plies and speed rating options (and more every day!), manufacturers have a good idea of what they will sell, but their guess is never perfect. For example, how many snow tires do they build when the tires have to be built 6 months before it starts snowing? What laws will be passed in each of our 50 states that may outlaw the use of a studded tire? What does the manufacturer do once they are built and can't be sold where they usually were sold? They discount the tire to get rid of them, and someone that has a market for the tire buys them.

What happens when an auto manufacturer changes the size that they used to put on the car, to another size? someone like us buys the tire hoping that we can find a home for them.

What happens when performance cars go from running raised white letters to black-walls? The manufacturer can't just keep building them at the pace that they were, so they dump the inventory to someone at deal.

What happens when a tire has sat around "too long"? Manufacturers and distributors will discount tires when they are past the prime selling season. For instance snow tires do not sell once winter is over, so they make room for the summer tires by discounting an out of season tire.

What happens when a tire has been determined to have an imperfection? Manufactures typically call that a "blemish" or a "second". There are many issues that may determine a tire to be a blem or second. Here are a few: It could be an imperfection in the whitewall or white lettering (such as a black spot), it could be an imbalance issue where the tire may require more weight to balance or may not ride as nice as a first line tire. We have seen slight height differences meaning shorter or taller than factory specs. It could be that there is a defect in the inner liner that would require the use of tire sealant, or the use of a tube. It could be that there is a rubber compound issue that would make the tire wear faster (if too soft), and cause premature weathering (if too hard). We have seen tires that had a ply rating on one side, and a different ply rating on the other side (because someone forgot to change out the mold plate). We have also seen one name brand on one side, and a different name on the other side. There may be a small cut or "nick" in the sidewall, tread or bead area that are not what you would find on a first line tire, but the tire will still run. All manufacturers are not looking for a liability problem, so if they thought that the tire was not safe, they would not sell it. If there is a major problem, tire manufacturers may be asked to recall the product (no different than in the case of an automobile recall). The highway safety commission has a list of all tires that are recalled. We do not sell recalled tires. In any case, we do not carry the ability to warranty the tire, so the manufacture or their dealer network needs to be contacted with any defect or warranty concerns. Blems are usually marked with the letters "BLEM", or "SECOND" by the serial number. Buffed letters are another indication of a blem or second. We personally inspect each tire before we ship. 

How often are closeouts, overstocks, discontinued and imperfect tires available? It seems that we always have in the vicinity of 10,000 tires in stock. We know what we have in stock, but we never know what we are going to have on the next load until it gets to our warehouse so check back often for new inventory.

How We Buy

We buy tires by the semi load to save You money. We have over 30 years experience and several warehouses full of tires. If you don't see the quantity, size or brand you are needing email us or Call us at 1-888-513-8473 and we can create a listing for you. If no quantity is listed than the auction is for 1 tire. Check out our other auctions for more Tire Deals!

Load Ratings

Please keep in mind when purchasing tires, that if a tire has a P in front of the size, such as a P235/75R15 that it is a Passenger/Sport Utility rated tire and will carry a 4ply rating. If the tire has an LT in front of the size, such as an LT235/85R16 the tire is designed for use on Light Trucks, and will carry either a 6,8 or 10 Ply Rating. P.R. or Ply Ratings on tires are now used in comparison for what used to be termed as plies. If a tire carries an ST in front of the size, such as an ST235/80R16 these tires may only be used on a trailer, and not on a vehicle. Call us at 1-888-513-8473 if you have any questions on plies and ply ratings.

Shipping & Returns

Freight Shipping is available to the 48 continental United States. Give us a call at 1-888-513-8473 so we can get you a shipping rate.  We sell these tires "as is, with no written or expressed warranty". We are not a dealer for any manufacturer, so any warranties that you receive will need to come from the tire manufacturer. We offer a 14 day return policy on any un-mounted tire that we sell. Your only obligation is that you (the buyer) pay the return shipping.



With our volume it is impossible for us to take actual pictures of each tire being listed. Our pictures are to be used as a reference to the tread design and not the actual photo of the tire. Any rims pictured are Not included and only pictured to feature the tire. 

Please Call with Questions 1-888-513-8473

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