Tire Machine FAQ

We offer great deals on our Tire Changing Machines here at Your Next Tire.


Thank you for your interest in our tire changing machines. We have been selling the same brand machines for over fourteen years. The quality is second to none. Here are a few very important questions to ask when comparing tire machines.


How long have they been selling their machines?


We have been selling the same machines for over 14 years. We know our machines work well.

What is the bead breaking pressure?


Our commercial Coseng machines have a bead breaking pressure of 7,500 lb psi. Most competitors’ only have 5,500 lb psi. Ours will break the bead!

What size is the reserve air tank for the bead blaster?


Our Coseng brand has 8.5 gal, most of our competitors’ are 5 gal or less. Ours will seat the bead!

Are the air hose fittings metal or plastic?


Our fittings are stainless steel. Ours won't break or leak.

How many clamping cylinders are under the table?


We have two, most have one. Ours will hold the wheel!

Do you have parts in stock?


We stock most every moving part for every machine we sell. If it breaks, we can fix it!

What is their warranty?


Coseng Tire Machines have a 18 month warranty on all commercial machines we sell.


Coats Tire Machines come with a 12 month warranty on Motor, Transmission or Spindle. Machine parts are warrantied for 6 months (excludes wear items or consumables). Air chuck, Belts and Gauges are warrantied for 90 days. No labor or mileage coverage.


Used Tire Machines come with 3 month warranty.


What if I need service?


We have a full time factory trained service person on staff. If you need service we can handle it!

Shipping Information




Delivery Information


We are able to ship offer FREE SHIPPING to business address. 

It is the buyer’s responsibility to unload cargo from the freight company’s trailer. This can be done by forklift, bobcat, or tractor. The delivery driver is a truck driver and not responsible for unloading equipment. 

If you require Lift Gate Delivery, a $100 service fee will apply. Our Machines and Hoists are too bulky and heavy to be delivered without Liftgate Delivery service, if you cannot unload with a forklift or similar lifting equipment.

Any extra delivery fees need to be paid at time of purchase by the buyer of the equipment.

Scratches and scrapes are normal when shipping large equipment. 

If there are dents are present or the machine is bent, buyer has the option to refuse or accept delivery. If ACCEPTED, take pictures of the damage & make notation of the damages in the Bill of Lading. Call our office immediately afterwards. We need to process the freight claim as soon as possible. Failure to properly inspect and make notation, may lead to a denial of claim and may not cover the cost of replacement parts. 

(888) 513-8473


Deliver Issues 

  • What if my equipment arrives damaged?
    • Before signing off delivery, ensure that the machine and its parts were not damaged in transit.
    • If you notice items are damaged, make notations on the Bill of Lading and call our office Immediately. (888) 513-8473
  • I live in the middle of nowhere. Will they still deliver to me
    • Yes! As long as there is a serviceable address, we will find a carrier that will deliver to you.
  • I need to know in advanced to gather unloading equipment. Will they show up unannounced?
    • No. Freight Carriers do not operate like ground delivery services and will not show up randomly. Their time is as valuable as yours. They will reach out to you directly to schedule delivery times.
    • Dohrn Transfer -   (800) 747-3507
    • FedEx Freight -   (800) 921-9581