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Tire Studding

Tire Studding


We offer Tire Studding for only $25 per tire on applicable snow and light truck tires.

Tire studs are small metal studs with carbide tips. Before inserted into a snow tire, they resemble a small, thick nail. The head of the nail or stud is pushed into a predrilled hole into the tread of the tire. The carbide tip of the stud protrudes above the tire tread and gives the snow tire added traction on slippery, icy roads. Some snow tires are designed with predrilled stud holes. These snow tires can be used with or without studs as a radial-ply snow tire. Studding the snow tire gives the aggressive tread pattern more traction. Some states limit the use of or prohibit the use of tire studs because of the potential for damage on the roadways. Please check your state laws regarding studs HERE